Menu: Passover 2020

This year the holidays will be different but no less important. In order to be able to reach the most clients we have created “holiday in a box,” a self-contained holiday meal that is easy to heat & serve. The menu is gluten, nut, sesame and dairy free except where noted. Each box feeds 4-6 people. The menu items will keep for several days providing delicious leftovers and many of the items can be frozen. Also consider sponsoring a box to be sent to a family or organization in need. We will deliver these donations to a recipient of your choice or send to a local family, organization, or health care provider. We will waive delivery charges on these donations.

We have always taken pride in being able to custom tailor our offerings but in order to streamline this new service we kindly ask that you order the menu as presented. All orders must be placed by Wednesday, April 1st.

Each Holiday Box Contains

Hard Boiled Eggs to Be Eaten with Salt Water

Traditional Seder Plate Items: Roasted Bone, Roasted Egg, Parsley, Maror (Horseradish), Charoset (Contains Walnuts – May Be Ordered Nut Free)

1 Box of Matzoh (Contains Gluten)

Traditional Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls & Carrots (Contains Gluten)

Choose 2 Entrees

1st Cut Beef Brisket with Pan Gravy

Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Wild Mushrooms & Tarragon Red Wine Sauce

Grilled Salmon Fillet with Roasted Artichokes & Lemon Herb Vinaigrette

Quinoa & Butternut Squash Shepard’s Pie


Cauliflower & Yukon Gold Potato Mash (Contains Dairy)

Roasted Vegetables: Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Asparagus, Red Pearl Onions, Butternut Squash, Broccolini

Matzoh Kugel with Cranberries & Apricots (Contains Dairy & Gluten Free)


Dark Chocolate Brownie Gratin (Contains Dairy)

Apple Caramel Matzoh Crisp

Fresh Whipped Cream (Contains Dairy)


The holiday box is $ 395.00 plus tax and serves 4-6 guests. Due to the current market conditions some substitutions may be necessary. We will not make any changes without informing you in advance. Minimum order per delivery is one box.

A La Carte Add On’s

  • Chopped Chicken Liver with Schmaltz & Matzoh Crackers (1/2 Pound) $10.00
  • Vegetable Chopped Liver & Matzoh Crackers (1/2 Pound) $10.00
  • Gefilte Fish with Beet Horseradish & Cooked Carrot Slices (4 Pieces) $24.00
  • Middle Eastern Chopped Salad $20.00

    Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers, Scallions. Olives, Celery, Carrot, Jicama, Sumac Vinaigrette (1 quart)

  • Chocolate Dipped Macaroons (6 Pieces) $18,00

Additional Entrée

  • Brisket (18 ounces) $38.00
  • Salmon (4 - 0Z. pieces) $34.00
  • Chicken (2 - 12 OZ. pieces) $32.00
  • Shepard’s Pie (1 pie, vegan) $24.00


Deliveries will be made on April 7th & 8th depending upon your location. Drivers will call you from the truck to let you know that your order will be left outside. Gratuity for the delivery person is not included but would be appreciated. If you would like to give something, please leave it taped to your door or near the drop off location. We may need multiple orders in order to go to a location. Please contact us to make sure that we can come to your area. Payments will be made by credit card when placing the order.

Delivery Charges

  • NJ within 30 minutes of Maplewood $25.00
  • NJ greater than 30 minutes from Maplewood $45.00
  • New York City $65.00
  • Long Island & The Hamptons $95.00
  • Westchester & Connecticut $65.00

    *Other areas to be determined
    *No charge for delivery of sponsored boxes